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Lute Records was founded in 1960 by Al Kavelin.  During the 1960s, Lute Records had its offices on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.  Its first release was “Alley Oop” b/w “Sho’ Know A Lot About Love” by The Hollywood Argyles.  The success of this single led to the signing of various artists and the creation of subsidiary labels including Kammy Records and Marsh Records.  The majority of the songs on these labels were published by Kavelin Music, BMI.  Included in this catalogue are songs by Dallas Frazier, Otis Redding and Rockin’ Sidney.  The Lute Records catalogue of master recordings includes tracks by The Hollywood Argyles, Otis Redding, The Uptones, The Ribbons, The Isonics, Rockin’ Sidney, H.B. Barnum and Plas Johnson.

Inquiries regarding the use of any of Lute Records’ titles should be directed to this website.

Listen to a sampling of the Lute Records masters:


The Hollywood Argyles

'Alley Oop'

'Sho Know A Lot About Love'

'Short Fat Outlaw'


Otis Redding

(Some of his earliest recordings)

'Gettin' Hip'

'She's Alright'

'Tuff Enuff'

'Gama Lama'


The Uptones

'No More'

(Said to be Elvis Presley’s favorite doo-wop



The Ribbons

'My Baby Said'

The Isonics


'He Needs Her'


Rockin' Sidney

'No Good Woman'

'You Aint Nothin' But Fine'


Plas Johnson

(Best known for his tenor sax lead on "The Pink

Panther Theme")

'Penny Loafers'


Pat Vegas

'I Wanna Be A Movie Star'


Tony Butala

'Am I Your Steady'

'Walkin’ You Home'


The Crossfires

(L.A. surf band that evolved into The Turtles)

'Fiberglass Jungle'